How to Easily Earn (Free) Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? ?

Yes! Today in this post I will share that How you can also Earn Free Bitcoin Cash without doing anything and this is totally free 😛

If you can remember there was a fork on 1st August 2017, and due to fork there was a new coin available in the market called as Bitcoin Cash.

People who were holding Bitcoin in Exchanges like Bittrex received the same amount of Bitcoin Cash in their Bittrex wallet 😛

Like, if you were holding 1 BTC in Bittrex you could’ve got 1 BCH for free.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was initially priced at $300 and it on that day itself it had pumped till $700 

Now the twist is, not everyone will get Free Bitcoin Cash but the ones who were having Bitcoins on 1st August in their Unocoin, Pockebits, Zebpay, etc.

Note: As I was having Bitcoins in my Unocoin Account I’ll show that how you can avail Free Bitcoin Cash from Unocoin and this method is same on other exchanges like Pockebits, Zebpay, etc.

There are no confirmations about Zebpay, although you Unocoin and Pocketbits has started and the Free Bitcoin Cash will be provided very soon 😀


How to get Free Bitcoin Cash?

1.) Open your Unocoin Dashboard.

unocoin bitcoin cash

2.) Scroll down and you’ll see the notice regarding the Free Bitcoin Cash.

3.) Enter your Bitcoin Cash Address.

Voila! You’ll receive Free Bitcoin Cash by 21st August or 28th August on your Entered Bitcoin Cash Address.

How to get Bitcoin Cash Address?

You can get your Bitcoin Cash Address from any Crypto Trading Exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex, etc which are supporting Bitcoin Cash as of now!

Here in this post I’ll show using Bittrex as an Example 🙂

1.) Sign Up/Login on Bittrex

2.) Now click on the Wallet Tab.

bitcoin cash

3.) Now use the search option and Enter “BCC” or “Bitcoin Cash”

4.) Click on the “+” icon.

5.) Copy your Bitcoin Cash Address.

How much Bitcoin Cash I will receive?

Let’s take an example if you had 1 BTC ~ 4000$ then you will receive an equal amount of i.e 1 BCH ~ $300 and don’t confused like if you had $50 worth BTC then you’ll get $50 BCH 😛

$50 BTC ~ 0.01228 BTC and as you had 0.01228 BTC you will receive 0.01228 BCH ~ 3.6326

Note: I’m still not sure about other exchanges like Zebpay, Coinsecure but as of Unocoin, Pocketbits has started giving Free Bitcoin Cash.


1.) Unocoin:

2.) Pocketbits:

3.) Zebpay:

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