10 Sites Like Creative Market

Those who are into designs and font styles, and website designing, know what it takes to discover free resources for your website, and that too, which works smoothly. Creative Market is such a website that not only saves your time and efforts but also makes sure that you do not compromise on your passion. It can be called a heaven for website dealers and remains packed with a variety of fonts, presets, and templates, and much more. With Creative Market, you do not need to bother remaining stuck to the desktop screen and go on editing everything – you can just select the required options, and sit back till it does the job within a few minutes. However, over time, the design resources have grown tremendously, and now, there are many sites like Creative Market that help you to get the same or even better results without investing a penny. 

But the problem arises from the fact that not many individuals are aware of the free website resources lying around, and fails to give the best to their website. So, we are going to introduce you to some of the best Creative Market Alternatives that can cater to your needs, and serve your purpose to every bit. Scroll down below, and check them out. 

10 Sites Like Creative Market

  1. Creative Tacos 

If there is anyone to choose among the sites like Creative Market, then it has to be the Creative Tacos. Replicating similar features like the Creative Market, it is bundled with an extensive range of fonts, presets, templates, and add-ons. Though it is considered to be a comparatively smaller website, the resource it has, and the features it has come up with can be very helpful for you. The best part? Most of them are absolutely free of cost and requires no investment.

  1. Design Cuts 

It is not ‘just a website’ but much more than that, and is capable of giving ample competition to the top-notch business design firms. Even though it allows you to avail of certain free options, that doesn’t make it compromise its features, quality, and variety. If you have already used Creative Market, then you will definitely be considering it as one of the best Creative Market Alternatives most of the features here, are absolutely hard to differentiate between.

  1. Font Bundles 

It can hardly cater to your viewers and readers if your website does not have great fonts. By terming them great, we do not mean fancy, but readable yet quite appealing, and Font Bundles has got that for you. Here, you can avail of paid as well as free fonts, and each having a different style of their own. Though it is considered among the sites like Creative Market, the font styles it delivers is much better than what you have got at the Creative Market. 

  1. The Hungry JPEG 

If handcrafted and personalized elements are your cup of tea, then you are going to love The Hungry JPEG to every bit. In fact, it does not only stay restricted to the crafted elements but has also spread its wings and catered to the interests of the digital pros as well. The fact that makes it count among the sites like Creative Market, is that you can get them at great discounted rates if you purchase during sales. 

  1. Envato Elements 

Do you want your website to look absolutely professional? Then bookmark Envato Elements now. It is among the most popular sites like Creative Market, which has come up with themes that are quite affordable, and some are free too. Besides, it also includes stock photos and videos, icons, vectors, and even WordPress themes and plugins that cater to everyone’s interests, and derives the best value for money resources. So, if you are thinking of investing in your website, then do it here. 

  1. PlaceIt

Are you just a budding designer and want to take it up as a profession? Then, consider PlaceIt is your ideal platform to do so. Though it does not come free of cost like the other sites like Creative Market, investing $29 might earn you big in the longer run. You can avail of unlimited designs and pictures from the subscription, and that too, without installing any graphics programs. 

  1. Etsy 

You might be wondering what makes Etsy count among the Creative Market Alternatives when it has been selling handmade goods for years. Right? Though you will not be able to discover designs for your website here, it serves as the hub for downloading beautiful WordPress themes and cool sets of illustrations. Just by investing a bit, you will be able to edit and customize the already existing products. 

  1. Font Squirrel

Choosing the right fonts for your website can be very tough and in some way, also affects the engagement and traffic that comes to your website. Font Squirrel comes with a range of font options that are greatly functional, and most of them are absolutely free of cost. 

  1. Pixelo 

Whether you are an amateur designer or a web professional with years of experience, Pixelo can cater to both the needs, and fulfill every requirement. The resource site has plenty of options for the designers to check out and has also got some great options for the freebies to try out. 

  1. We Graphics 

It serves as the one-stop destination for every website requirement of yours. From mockups to themes, and vectors to fonts, and icons, it has everything that you will ever need and think of. The list does not end there, and also includes fonts, brushes, illustrations, textures, patterns, and everything.    

Final Words

I hope you like these sites like Creative Market. If you have other Creative Market Alternatives in your mind, please share in the comments.

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