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How to Create Fake Discord Messages?

Well, Discord has been considered to be one of the excellent options when it comes to a communication platform for gamers. While the application is specially designed for those of you who are more into gaming and checking out the options for in-game communication with your fellow gamers,  it would also double up as an exciting option for the light banter between friends. 

So, that brings us to one of the most common questions that our readers have constantly pointing to us – how to create fake Discord messages? Have you ever checked the options offered by Discord to play pranks with your friends? 

Can you create Fake Discord Messages with the help of Fake Discord Message Maker?

So, can you create a fake Discord Message? Well, yes, and NO. Did we confuse you? Well, let us explain. 

If you are wondering whether you can create fake Discord message with a Fake Discord message maker, the answer is there is no need to opt for any specific fake Discord message maker or any app as such. In fact, faking messages on Discord is not a difficult task, and you should be able to opt for any of your favourite special tools to fake Discord messages. 

You can check out the best options for sending fake Discord messages with a few of the options that are built within your system. 

Developer Tools 

If you are using Google Chrome, this should be one of the best and simple methods to create fake Discord messages. The Developer Tools options available on Google Chrome can be an excellent option to create fake Discord messages with ease. In fact, for that matter, you would find that the option of Developer Tools can be found on almost every internet browser. 

However, for understanding how to create fake Discord message using Developer Tools, we will focus on Microsoft Edge for the sake of this post.

Here are the steps involved in how to make a fake Discord message: 

    • Launch Discord app on Microsoft Edge. 
    • Do note that the method of Developer Tools does not work on the Discord Desktop app, and you will need to opt for Discord web app only. 
  • While you are on Discord app, go to Settings and then More Tools. 
  • Then move to Developer Tools. 

Now that you have chosen to change the text in someone else’s message – locate the message you are looking to edit. 

Check the message and replace the text. You would only need to double click the text element from within the developer tools and change the message that you want to edit. Of course, you can even delete the entire message. 

You can check out the inspect Elements option and change someone’s username as well. You just need to click on the username and simply change the element. You should be able to change everything. You just need to replace everything after the key element role=”button”. 

Add Emojis 

You can add emojis to your fake message as well. However, if you are not comfortable with the concept of coding, it may be a little difficult to add the emojis. 

You would need to use the following piece of code for the purpose – 

<img src=” /assets/(image id).svg aria-label=”:emoji_name:” alt=”other_name” draggable=”false” class=”(emoji class)”>

You would perhaps need to learn a few basics with respect to the tasks. It would definitely look a little difficult, but once you get used to coding, it would be much easy enough to get the things done. 

Change Date 

You can further confuse the friends with the fake Discord message maker. The next best trick would be to change the date. Here is how you can check it out. 

You can select the message and change the date field. Discord uses a date format in the form of M/D/Y. You just need to change the text after the string datetime=0000000. 

To further confuse your friends, you can use a date from the future. Or think of something unique as well. Check your options and get as much creative as possible. 

Any alternative option as fake Discord message maker?

Developer Tools and Inspect options have always been found to be an excellent option if you are looking to know how to make a fake Discord message.  However, it can get a little scary and quite tough to understand if you are not an expert in coding and allied aspects. 

Embed Editor Option has been considered to be one of the excellent options that can prove to be quite efficient in helping you in your search for the best fake Discord message maker. The online tool has been used by a host of Discord users and has proved itself to be an efficient tool in the long run. 

The easy to use interface and a straightforward functionality has been one of the best options that makes it a perfect tool in your search for Discord message generator. In fact, it can necessarily be one of the best options and a simple one at that if you want to create fake Discord messages. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, the editor provides you access to all the sections within the Discord. Please note that to use it in the best possible manner, you would need to have a good understanding of the format that Discord makes use of. 

Once again, you need to have an understanding of coding. The only plus point that it offers you is that you get a cleaner and easy to understand interface with Embed Editor. You can find Embed Editor here.

In Conclusion

Well, that was all about how you can make use of fake Discord message maker to arrive at the best results for that can be much helpful in how to make a fake discord message. Creating a fake message on Discord is not an easy task as such, but can be quite a useful option. 

Of course, there are several options that would be helpful in creating fake Discord messages and thus act as the perfect Discord message generator. However, we have not checked them and cannot make any claims in favour of these apps. Moreover, they may or may not be safe.

Check out the tips have shared here for the best fake Discord message maker options and share your thoughts with us. 


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