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How to Get Water Out of the Charging Port?

The smartphone had become a necessity in everyone’s life nowadays. Our day starts with our phone and ends with it. From doing our jobs to school and college studies, from fashion to cooking, from choosing a career to connect with different people and knowing about what’s going on all include our smartphones and one cannot imagine life without smartphones in today’s scenario. Also, our life becomes so easy with it but when our phone gets some issues, things become difficult. A very common problem is water in charging ports which happens generally when your phone fell into the water.

There are many ways through which water can get inside your phone’s charging ports for example by mistake your phone can fall into a water tub, or into any container filled with water, or one trendy reason could be rain. Rain seems fascinating but also brings many problems such as you having to think a lot about stepping out of your house to protect your electronic gadgets so that water doesn’t get inside them that may damage them. Whenever I step out of my house in rain, I have to cover my phone with a plastic cover but that is also not enough water somehow water gets inside of it.

What happens if water gets inside your charging port?

If moisture will be inside of charging port then your phone will not be charged, it will show charging but it will not charge, one main and most imp thing is that if there is moisture and water inside the charging port then there is a possibility of you getting an electric shock.

So make sure that you let the moisture dry and here are a few tips that will help you when there is water inside the charging port.

How to get water out of the charging port?

Method 1: Naturally drying

Let the moisture dry/evaporate naturally, it will take approximately 1-2 hrs. to dry naturally.

If some other solution other than water gets into the charging port then rinse it with normal fresh water and dry them using any soft cloth. 

This is a kind of long process but on another side, it is effective too.

Method 2: Tapping against your hand 

You can try tapping your phones on your hands and charging port facing the downside so that water or moisture comes out and will get dried. Avoid using inserting cotton buds, swabs, etc. this can lead water to go deep inside the port.  

Method 3: Dryer

Use a dryer to dry your charging port it will hardly take 1-2 min for drying. It will instantly dry up your phone’s charging port.

Method 4: Drying water using rice

Put your phone in rice overnight. As rice is water-absorbent this will help to remove all your moisture from the charging port. And of course, this rumor is absolutely correct. This works when your gadgets are so much wet or it had submerged in water completely.

Though nowadays gadgets are waterproof but still their inner parts are not waterproof so there is a chance that by mistake if your mobile or any other electronic gadget is submerged in water then water may go deep inside it and may damage your gadget. 

What you should not do when water gets into the charging port?

When there is water inside your charging port then you should avoid the following things:

  • Do not charge your phone when there is moisture inside your phone or any electronic gadgets this can rust your charging port or there is also little possibility of getting an electric shock.
  • Avoid blowing inside your charging port because this may push water more inside the charging port.
  • Avoid using or inserting any swabs or any cloth inside your charging port this may push water deep inside and may damage the pins inside your ports.

What happens when water gets into the charging port of a water-resistant phone?

Though most of the smartphone that are launching nowadays are water resistant their outer cover is majorly water resistant but deep inside its parts are not water resistant if it got by mistake or by any chance submerged in water and water or moisture go deep inside in its parts then this can damage your phones. I mentioned some methods by which you can get water or moisture out of the charging port or from the visible part of mobile phones.

When to contact customer support?

When you had tried everything and still there is moisture or water inside your charging ports and other parts of your gadget then you should contact customer care if after you tried everything, the moisture also dried up but still, your phone is not properly working then you should definitely contact customer care.


When something that is our basic necessity disturbs or got damaged that effect or daily routine whether it’s our health or it’s your phone, both are almost equally important to us. 

If your phone or any other gadget got wet due to any reason so don’t panic I had mentioned some of the most effective methods to get water or moisture out of the charging port which can be used for any other visible parts f the device. 

So take a chill pill and enjoy rainy days with tea & snakes and shooting videos because rainy days are one of the most aesthetic events that one can shoot.

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