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How to Know If You Are Banned From a Discord Server?

It is no less than a nightmare when on a beautiful morning you wake up and can’t find your most important Discord server. There could be only two reasons behind this, either your Discord server is deleted or banned. Unfortunately, if your Discord server is banned, you may lose everything inside. But how to know if you are banned from a Discord server? 

Well, there are a few things that help you to figure out what is wrong with your Discord server. To know, read this article till the end to know everything essential you should know about Discord server ban and what happens when you get banned from a Discord server.  

How to Know If You Are Banned From a Discord Server?

Discord is an amazing and unique platform where you can create servers and channels to communicate instantly with close people. Whether you are a professional gamer or a college student, you may create a server here and enjoy exchanging text, low-latency voice calls, and video calls. For businesses, collaborating and coordinating for teams is super easy here.

However, due to legal, privacy, or for security reasons, Discord reserves the right to ban any server. If you are also not able to find your server, maybe it is temporarily deleted or banned forever. Read here to find out which of the two is true for you.

Look For Ban Notifications

Discord is an amazing networking platform where users can create private servers and are free to modify notification settings as they want. Some servers send automated messages when a user is banned. 

To find out whether you are banned from the Discord server for no reason or the server is deleted, check your direct messages or email associated with Discord to see if you have received any notifications

Try Searching The Server in The Search Bar

The first thing you should do is, try searching for the server you are looking for from the left sidebar of the Discord home screen.

If you can see the server name in the list, it means your server is not deleted. Alternatively, it means you are banned. However, you can’t be banned from the Discord server for no reason. Later in this article, I will list down some of the possible reasons for Discord banning your server.

If you don’t see the server, there is a good chance that the server is deleted by the Admin. I personally feel the chances for this are very less because why anyone would suddenly delete a server with hundreds of members, Right? 

Try Rejoining The Server

In case the server is not deleted, try to rejoin the server. There are again two consequences. If you would be able to join the server, that means you are not banned but kicked out of the server. There is another way to know the server status. Contact a mutual friend and ask him to check if the server actually exists or not. If the server is live, it is clear that you are banned or kicked out of the server. 

And if you are not able to join the server again, you are clearly banned. However, sometimes Discord users can also not join any server if they exceed the maximum server limit. FYI, let me tell you that a Discord user can only join up to 100 servers while this limit is just double i.e. 200 for Nitro users.

If you are trying to rejoin the server through an invitation link, and it shows “Banned from Server”, there is no doubt left that you are banned. But if it shows “Invite invalid”, it indicates that the invitation link is expired. So, then try again with the new link.

Reach Out to Server Mods

Discord server Mods are special members of the server who have certain special powers given by the Admin himself. When it is confirmed that you are the victim of the Discord temporary ban from the server, DM the moderator. Ask him to invite you again if the ban was a mistake.

If the ban was for a valid reason, then the only thing you can do is request the Admin or the moderator to reconsider your case.

What Happens When You Get Banned From a Discord Server?

Ban is a consequence of doing anything that violates the server rules or its policies. Usually when a Discord user involves in any cyber-harassment activity, spamming, posting inappropriate content, or any such similar activity is considered a violation of server rules. In such cases, taking precautionary steps, server moderators or Admin, ban the user.

Unfortunately, if you are facing a temporary or permanent ban from any of the Discord servers, then, 

  1. You would not be able to view the server.
  2. Can not interact with the other members of the server.
  3. No access to channels associated with the server.
  4. Can not access any content of the server in any form.
  5. Unable to send DM to the members of the server.
  6. Your role and nickname will no longer appear next to your Discord name.

How To Get Unbanned From The Discord Server?

To get unbanned, it is important to understand what type of ban you are facing. There are two types of possible bans, 

Server Ban

A server ban is placed by the Admin of the particular server. It is completely the discretion of the Admin or moderators that they ban any member of the server. Ban is usually due to violating any of the terms or rules of the server. Usually upon requesting the Admin, the ban is lifted.

Platform Ban

When you are banned from the platform, you would no longer be able to access any of the servers or any private chats. The ban is not from any particular server but from Discord itself. This is usually considered a permanent ban except in certain situations where reconsiderations are possible.

A permanent ban is placed by Discord when a user repeatedly violates the policies of the platform or indulges in any kind of spamming activity or acts like a bot. As a result, Discord bans your IP address from its server. A banned user therefore would neither be able to access their account nor create a new one. 

In such a case, the only option left is to connect through the VPN and create a new account from scratch. Unfortunately, you would lose all the servers, channels, and contacts in the old account.


With its seamless and interest-based servers, Discord offers a private and inclusive environment for its users. It is really disheartening when you lose an important and engaging Discord server. In this article, I have included everything that one should need to know after getting banned from Discord Server.

If the ban is temporary, there are chances that your ban will soon be lifted. On the other hand, the action could be taken as an opportunity to reflect on your Discord activities.

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