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When a Guy Finishes Fast, What Does It Mean?



When your man reaches the cross line before you, it’s frustrating. It’s sad but the fact is that approx. 30% of men are not happy with their performance in bed. For female partners also, it isn’t very pleasant when a man reaches his high quickly. To find the solution to this common issue with men, you must know when a guy finishes fast what it means.

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Most women experience that their men come too fast sometimes. This issue of premature ejaculation can put a damper on your sex life. For guys, finishing early is embarrassing and, for girls, it’s annoying. When you are in bed and want to enjoy for a longer time, and the guy gives up, it’s really frustrating. Many questions can strike in your mind in this situation like does he like you or not? Does he find you attractive or not? Here, our advice to you is not to think too much and try to find out when a guy finishes fast what it means.

When a guy finishes fast, what does it mean?

If you are worried that your man finishes too soon, you should also think why guys get turned on so fast. The faster they turn on, the sooner they finish in bed. Curious to know what does it mean to finish in bed? When a guy reaches climax soon, it means that he finished fast. But the best part is, there’s always a solution for a five-minute guy.

Lovemaking is beautiful when men and women are involved equally; they want to feel the orgasm together. But the mood gets spoiled when the guy releases his load a little earlier. There are so many reasons that can make your guy finish faster. Let’s know what makes him come too fast;

He hasn’t been Active for Long

The first-timers get ejaculated much earlier, so if it’s the first time for your boy, don’t expect much. The same applies if the man is not sexually active for a longer time. If you are in a long-distance relationship and your guy comes early, you must feel good. It means he is loyal to you. Sex after a long time makes the guy too excited to hold for a longer time. It’s a temporary problem that will get resolved the second time.

Pressure to Perform Well

Naturally, men finish quicker than women, so they always have the pressure to perform well in bed. To make the lady happy with the action, a few men take so much load on their minds. It affects their performance in bed and forces them to come early. When you are worried, the reason that make your guy finish early, count the performance pressure as culprit. To help your guy to enjoy the best moments for a longer time make him feel good and comfortable before initiating the action.

You are too hot to Handle

Thinking, why does my boyfriend finish so fast? Well, you can be the reason behind this. If your boy finds you hotter and attractive than his imagination, he can lose his control sooner and come earlier. There are chances that your man reaches cloud nine as soon as you kiss him. It’s really difficult for men to hold self when they are very close to the love of their life. So, when your guy reaches the finish line earlier than you, take it as a compliment.

A Medical Condition

Premature ejaculation is common, and it happens because of some medical conditions in most cases. The problem is men don’t accept that they have a problem, and they finish early in bed. If your partner comes early, then instead of cursing him, talk to him and encourage him to take some medical advice.

You spend less time in Foreplay

Foreplay diverts your attention from reaching the peak to enjoying the moment. When you spend more time exploring each other’s body with hands, fingers, lips and tongue, then your partner’s ejaculation gets delayed. When your guy directly jumps to the main action, he comes early. The reason behind it can be vaginal dryness that increases or discomfort during sex. Spending more time in foreplay increases the pleasure, makes both sex partners happy and takes them to orgasm.

Same Boring Position

Hot and happening sex means trying different positions to make the action more exciting. When you are stuck with only one position (missionary in most cases), the sex becomes boring. The same position makes the guy come early and finish the business quickly. So, if you are worried that why does my boyfriend finish so fast, change the position and try something different. When men try a different position, it gives them some extra time to be calm and control their load. Changing position makes the sexual activity more exciting, and the guy wants to involve in it for a longer time.

Lack of Self-Control

If your guy reaches the peak before you, then he must be a novice in self-control. He has to learn self-control while enjoying the action. Your guy can learn self-control by talking more with you while enjoying the action. The more time you spend in bed with him, the better he will become with self-control.

You Man thinks Too Much about Climax

Still, want to know when a guy finishes fast what does it mean? If your man will keep thinking about reaching the climax, he will finish quickly. To avoid early climax, you can ask your man not to think much about ejaculation and enjoy the moment. When a man thinks too much about his performance, he cannot last longer in bed.

The Bottom Line

Men and Women both are different, and so are their orgasm points. Women take longer to reach the finish line, and men finish quicker. If your boyfriend finishes his work in 5 minutes, you should discuss it with him. Give him time, involve him in foreplay to boost your sexual life.  

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