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40 Things to Say in Bed to Turn Him ON



It’s kind of tough to tell your man about your mood toning. Tough, the best thing in a relationship is to be vocal about your desires, but if you use some metaphors, you can have more fun. When you want to go down, your words can make the evening more magical than your touch. You can say some steamy things in bed to turn him on and increase the heat.

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For girls, it’s a bit difficult to be vocal to express their desires when they are sleeping with someone. Though their look and touch can make the guy going, it isn’t quite boring to use sign language to show your desire when you can make it better with the magic of words. So, let us know about some magical things in bed to turn him on:

Things to Say in Bed to turn Him ON

If you find it difficult to talk dirty with your man, then why not give a slow start with some flirtatious talk. Men usually complain that women are not very expressive with their dirty desire. So, when you use some naughty words, their effects will be double your man. Asking him directly to go down tonight makes everything so boring. So here we have some sexy things to say in bed to turn him on, using them on him to have a great time;

  1. ‘I am not feeling like wearing anything tonight.’ When making the first move, let your man use a bit of his intelligence. You can also pull him closer as soon as you complete your words.
  2. ‘Can you guess the color of the bra I am wearing tonight? If you made a right guess you can make one of your wish come true tonight.’
  3. ‘Instead of sleeping, why don’t we do some action tonight? If your man is old-fashioned, he will surely love your words for the night.’ The best way to turn your man on is to use the easiest language. Men don’t like complex things, especially when they are in bed.
  4. ‘You look great in your night dress but you will defiantly look better without it.’ You can use your feminine touch while saying these words to make the night memorable.
  5. ‘I was thinking of spending the weekend in bed, do you have some other plans?’ Well, isn’t the best way to enjoy your weekends?
  6. ‘Tonight, I desperately want to feel you on me!’ Now you can go close to your man or pull him near you.
  7. ‘You know tonight I have some little surprise for you on bed.’ Now let him make the first move towards you and grab the surprise you have for him.
  8. ‘Right now I cannot think of anything hotter than you.’ your man can sense your kinky mood when you will praise him.
  9. ‘Can you come closer so I can taste your lips?’ You know these words will surely turn him on.
  10. ‘Wrap your arms around me; I love it. Show what you like, which will give a further hint to your man.
  11. ‘Let’s not sleep tonight.’ If he is smart, he will understand your plans for the night, and if he is not habitual to your kinky side, your look will do the rest of the things.
  12. ‘Tonight, why don’t you forget everything and be just mine .’Please don’t ask us to elaborate these words more to you.
  13. ‘If I will let you do one hot and naughty thing with me, what would you do?’ Now let him use his fantasy, and you enjoy your night with your man.
  14. ‘I am feeling hot; why don’t you take my dress off?’ It’s not an invitation, and these lines are telling him to do something wild tonight.
  15. ‘Hey, I was thinking to take charge in my hands tonight, what say?
  16. ‘You are more adventurous than my imagination. Why don’t we have some role play tonight?’
  17. ‘Tell me about your hottest fantasy and allow me to make it real tonight.’ This will take him to the dirty part of his mind, and you are going to experience something different and better tonight.
  18. ‘I want to be on top tonight.’
  19. ‘I feel like heaven when your feet touch mine.’
  20. ‘I have been thinking about our tonight’s position in office.’
  21. ‘Today I will follow your instructions. So tell me what do you want?’
  22. ‘Why don’t you follow what I say to reach on the top?’
  23. ‘I am waiting to be alone with you since morning so I could see some of the best moves of yours.’
  24. ‘Your insane and serious look makes me weak on my knees.’
  25. ‘Seeing you on bed in such a dark night is always a turn on.’
  26. ‘I need you to be on top on me. The wait is killing me slowly.’
  27. ‘Hold me by my hair and put me close.’
  28. ‘I can wait to show off what I a wearing tonight for bed. You are going to love it for sure.’
  29. ‘I don’t want to just sleep tonight, it’s really boring.’
  30. ‘Tell me what panty I should wear tonight; the red one or black one?’
  31. ‘Why don’t you dominate me tonight?’
  32. ‘Tell me what position excites you more, we will try that one more frequently.’
  33. I have tried a new bra but couldn’t decide if it looks hot on me. Care to help me with your thoughts?’
  34. ‘Your touch is all my body needs now.’
  35. ‘You are the man who deserves my love and passion.’
  36. ‘Allow me to take care of you for tonight.’
  37. ‘I love when you dominate me on bed.’
  38. ‘I had my bikini wax for tonight and I can wait to show it to you.’
  39. This one, you will have to whisper in his ear, ‘I love when your lips travel from my neck to shoulders.’
  40. ‘For tonight, I am planning to get down on you.’

I hope you know how you can turn your Man on! Enjoy!!

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