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50+ Things to Say in Bed to Turn Her ON



For men, it’s not easy to convey their feelings to their lady, and telling her that you want her tonight is even more difficult. When you know your girl well and want to have a great time in bed with her, you must be very careful in choosing the words. Here we have some things to say in bed to turn her on.

Things to Say in Bed to Turn Her ON

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If you plan to go down tonight, then your preparation starts in the evening, and trust me, each of your moves gets counted. Some praise of your lady and little flirt will help you make the right move. Some one-liners and romantic things to say in bed to turn her on will do the rest of the things.

50+ Things to Say in Bed to Turn Her On

Both partners should be equally involved in the action to make a night memorable. To please a woman and bring her in mood is slightly difficult, but if you know the right way to ask your lady for an adventurous night, each night is going to be worth remembering.

Most of the women get impressed with the words. They prefer soft spoken and witty men. So before using the things to say in bed to turn her on, praise her make her comfortable, and have some healthy conversation. You can try to know about her likes and dislikes, gossips about office always work for men to increase the lady’s interest in them. Your first move should be a healthy and meaningful conversation and rest things you can leave on the hot things to say in bed to turn her on;

  1. You look hot in your lingerie, but you will look better without them.
  2. I can’t stop my eyes from looking at you.
  3. I want to admire your beauty. Let me help you to get rid of your clothes.
  4. You smell like heaven tonight.
  5. Would you like to dominate me for the night? From where do you want to start; pulling up my hair or scratching me on the back?
  6. Tell me about the best kiss we have had so far, and we will re-live the moment.
  7. What are you wearing toning? Would you mind me seeing how you look in it?
  8. At this moment, all I need is you.
  9. Getting up next to you makes my days brighter and more happening.
  10. Where is your favorite spot to be kissed? Let me kiss you there and take you to a different world.
  11. Come closer to me and let me feel you on my body.
  12. Your eyes are inviting me to dive into them.
  13. I want to give you hickeys tonight.
  14. Do you have any wild fantasies? Let’s turn one of your wildest fantasies into reality tonight.
  15. I want to kiss every part of your body tonight.
  16. Come closer; let me hold you in my arms.
  17. I lose control when I see your face.
  18. You are looking more beautiful tonight. Don’t mind; my eyes can’t stop staring at you.
  19. MY weekend plans are to pamper you in the day and love you at night.
  20. Please tell me where you like to be touched first; I will start from there only.
  21. What position excites you most?
  22. I bought some sexy lingerie for you; can you please wear them for me?
  23. Since morning I have been thinking about kissing you hard.
  24. Tonight I want to hold your waist and play with your hair.
  25. Do you want me to come on you or should I ask you to take charge?
  26. I had a wild dream about you last night. Let me make it come true tonight.
  27. I want to spend all night with you.
  28. I am carving for you.
  29. Would you mind if I play with your hair?
  30. Your neck badly needs a kiss.
  31. Your lips are driving me crazy. Can I kiss them?
  32. Let’s have a wild night, and tomorrow morning I will prepare breakfast for you.
  33. My hands want to explore your body.
  34. Do you want a hot shower together?
  35. Is there any corner left in the house where we haven’t made love? Let’s try it tonight.
  36. You smell like chocolate; let me taste you as well.
  37. Your eyes don’t want me to sleep tonight.
  38. My life, arms, and my bed are incomplete without you.
  39. Let me guess the color of your bra, and for the right answer, you will have to follow my command.
  40. Have you ever thought of playing a role play? Let us try it tonight.
  41. How do you manage to look hot and beautiful all the time?
  42. You look more elegant and sexy at night, or should I blame my eyes?
  43. Come on, let’s increase the temperature of the room for tonight.
  44. Tell me about three places outside your house where you want to do things.
  45. I want to bring you closer to me to plant a kiss on your lips.
  46. Do you want to do lovemaking on the bed, or should we explore another corner of the room?
  47. Let us talk about the most steamy and hot moments we have.
  48. From where do you want to start kissing me?
  49. I want to hear how much you like it when I hold you near me.
  50. Lend me your hands for the nights and feel my body with yours.
  51. Talk about her body and tell her what you like best in her body. It can be the curved lips, lean or curvy waist, or her legs. If you admire her intelligence, then don’t hesitate to praise it.

The Last Word

Your words on the bed can make the play go longer, and if you want to turn on your girlfriend, then pick any one of the given lines and see the magic of your words.


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