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10 Signs an Older Woman Wants You [Tips For Men]



Well, you usually know when a classmate or a colleague of your age falls for you. But you certainly don’t know how to tell if an older woman likes you. Do you?

Well, we have come up with some instances and signs an older woman wants you.

Signs an Older Woman Wants You [Tips For Men]

Read on to find out.

She tells you how single she is

If you have recently heard an older woman telling you how single she is and all, then you’re thinking right. Yes, she is absolutely flirting with you! It will, however, might be tricky to spot because most of the time, the expression will be subtle; she will intend to let you know. However, if she comes and tells it directly to you, then she’s quite bold and is probably way too desperate for you. It’s a clear signal that she’s way too inclined to you and dying to be in bed with you.

Old woman date young man


She smiles at you more often

Well, many women must have smiled at you, but it’s much different when an elderly woman smiles at you. Where a younger girl would have been shy, the elderly woman would show affection for you and smile warmly. As a guy, you’re the one who can spot the differences and react accordingly. If she’s smiling at you more often, then she has got some seductive plans for you. 

She intends to touch you more

No matter whether your woman is elder or younger, if she’s touching you more often, then no doubt she wants to sleep with you. However, you can tell if an older woman likes you is to keeping an eye on the way she touches you to know if you can see the touching signs. Compared to the younger women, the older women’s touches would be more subtle, like fixing your shirt’s collar, brushing her fingers, and touching your chest.

She shows jealousy when you get close to other women

Maybe you’re way too social a person who likes to chit-chat with other women. Right? But have you noticed how it’s driving the elderly lady nuts and making her feel jealous? Though she’s mature enough, hardly any rules come to play when she’s so madly in love with you. Maybe she won’t display it like a younger woman would do, but she’ll surely express it the other way around. 

She is trying to impress you

Be it any guy or girl, if one has a feeling for the other, they will surely try to impress you at their best, so why wouldn’t an elderly woman do that? Maybe she will talk about her best qualities or the praises she usually receives from other individuals. Or she can try to show you her accomplishments in life or try out her culinary skills on you.

She cracks dirty jokes at you

It’s not often that you see an elderly woman crack dirty jokes at you. So, when she’s doing that, she has an intention too – maybe she likes you, or she wants to do those dirty things to you. But if you have similar feelings towards her, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get back at her and shoot some more dirty jokes. Whenever she starts sharing sex jokes about the two of you, then know it hopes to spot the signs an older woman wants to sleep with you.

She compliments you frequently

Maybe you haven’t done quite a great job yet but wondering why you’re still getting compliments from an elder woman? Well, maybe you’ve won over her heart, and she’s just trying to get at you. Women tend to be mature with their compliments because they think twice and thrice before giving it. So when a mature woman compliments you all the time, most especially for the smallest things, it comes from her heart, and maybe she really likes you.

She tells you about another man’s interest in her

As older women are more mature and subtle about expressing their feelings for you, when she’s talking to you about another man’s interest in her, she really likes you. When an older woman starts telling you about how a man complimented her style or how she found out about her colleague having a crush on her, you can tell that she really likes you. They are probably trying to make you feel jealous so that you can finally express your feelings towards her and give you signs to move fast before it’s too late for you.

She makes guessing statements about your love life

Has an elder woman recently made any guesses about your love life? Maybe she has a thing for you and is just trying to determine whether you are single or not. She might frequently refer to your imaginary girlfriend (not knowing whether you have one for real) so that you speak up about not having one, and she can move ahead and flirt with you more. She is also trying to know if there’s any competition in your life that she should be worried about. As the guy, you need to pay attention to these minute details and figure out how you would like to move ahead.

She draws attention to her hair, neck, and shoulders

If you spot a mature woman playing with her hair while she’s looking at you or maybe touching her necklace, then and now – she wants to draw your attention to something. Well, it’s definitely not the necklace but the neck she’s pointing you at, and it could be a way of displaying the hidden inner affection she has for you. And there’s no better non-verbal way to do it than saying it with the body parts.


So next time you see any of these signs coming from an elderly woman, know that she’s really falling for you and wants you in bed ASAP!

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