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How To Remove Other Users From Your Wifi – 2017



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WiFi Kill  is an android tool that you can use to disable internet connection for a device on the same WiFi network. It is a lightweight tool with simple user interface. That is, anyone can use this app without any user guides.
However, I’m going to give you a step by step guide on how to use WiFi Kill  to kick out any device from a WiFi network.
 1. Rooted Android.[How to Root]
2Wifikill Android app.

Steps To Remove Other Users From Your Wifi

1.Download and install the app Wifikill on your android device from the above link.

2.Now connect to the wifi network and open the app and click on the start at the top of the app.


3.Now the app will start and will ask you for superuser access that will only be granted if your rooted your device properly.

4. Now this app will scan all the devices that had connected on the same wifi network of you.


5. Now select any of the devices you want to kick out from your network and click on the grab button.


6.Now you can see all the data consumption of the device of your network, now if you want to remove that device from your network just swipe to kill and the device will lose internet connection. If you want to kill all the devices then simply grab all the devices and kill them all and if you want to remove this restriction then simply close the kill button.


Note:-Actually, the WiFi Kill Pro cannot terminate the internet connection of a device, all it can do is block the packet data going to the device.


To stop blocking packet data, tap on the “Stop” button:




Learn How To Remove Other Users From Your Wifi [ Video Tutorial]

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