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How to Ask a Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate?



We totally understand how it feels when you fall for the guy of your life. Everything seems so magical and beautiful, and you want to say those three magical words.

But wait – won’t he think of you as someone way too desperate?

Surely, he will.

But you obviously can’t let it go wrong.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered on this. 


Ask a man without sounding desperate

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How to Ask a Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate?

Here’s a guide regarding how to ask a guy out without sounding desperate.

  1. Send him shy texts and keep them incomplete: Guys like shy girls – or at least, most of them. So sending him shy texts and always leaving them with an “about to say something” feeling is much more beneficial. Also, keep in mind to leave your texts incomplete most of the time to hang him thinking and guessing the rest. Take our word on it and leave your texts incomplete with just a hint at the end; let’s see how smart he is.
  2. Show him your best qualities: In order to impress the guy of your life, you really need to be actionably vocal about your best qualities. Maybe, your guy is an art lover, and you are a pro at drawing – show him some of your best works. Like that. Any skill or talent that you have, is worth showing off to win over your prince charming!
  3. Find ways you can ask him for help: The closer you two can get, the better. And the best way to stay close to each other is by asking him to help you out regarding something important. Keep this in mind, the reason should be absolutely realistic otherwise, he might end up discovering your feelings for him.
  4. Go out as friends: Going out as friends is absolutely justifiable with your crush before you guys decide to commit to each other. In fact, going out together as friends and spending some quality time with each other can give you ample scope to get to know each other. Besides, it gives you an idea about what he thinks about you, and whether the future holds anything for you two.
  5. Stop talking about the future: Don’t stress over the future so much when the present isn’t fixed yet. Instead, try to build a strong presence with your dream guy. However, bringing up the future and talking about it might make him feel a bit uncomfortable if he still doesn’t know you much. So, even if you are excited about the future, don’t express it just yet.
  6. Be sure about his relationship status: Before you approach any guy, it is important to be aware of his relationship status. Is he committed, or interested in someone, or absolutely single – whatever be it, knowing the status is very important. Because, to be honest, there’s no point hitting on a guy who’s already interested in someone else.
  7. Make contacts with his best friend: His best friend can be your knight in shining armour to get your guy. Ask his best friend to say good things about you to him. While he may not understand his feelings for you, his best friend can help ignite it.
  8. Show some boldness: Being always shy and silent won’t help, sometimes, you need to be bold as well. Especially, if you have been giving him signals for long and he’s still not getting your point, then go ahead and tell him about it. Trust me, there’s no shame in confessing your feelings if you have been hanging out for long enough.
  9. Be aware of his interests: Before you get into any commitment with the guy, try to know his interests for you. Is he just trying to pass time with you, or is he really serious about you? It can be worse if he’s just trying to get some benefits from you. It’s good to start bitter and end bitter, so beware.
  10. Keep it a secret from friend’s groups: Well, no doubt, friends are great but they can jinx things at times as well. So, it’s better not to confront your friends just yet when you’re not quite sure about him. In fact, we would suggest you two take your own sweet time and assess things your way. Involving your friends might lead to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding as well due to misinterpretation.
  11. Try to sit next to him: If you two go out often with friends or family, then wherever you go try to sit next to him. It will help especially if he’s someone who doesn’t understand signs and signals at all. Maybe, you have been signalling him about your feelings for a long time but he’s just not getting it – sitting next to him often will, however, stir a string in his heart.
  12. Write something for him: Everyone loves personalization, be it a guy or a girl. So, if you want to make your guy feel special, then there’s no better chance than writing a letter for him. No, we aren’t saying that it should be a love letter, you can write anything, be it via text or on paper. 
  13. Share funny texts: To be honest, guys like funny girls so sending your guy funny texts would really take your relationship a long way. It can be anything from a meme to a joke or a funny video. If you two can laugh over the same things, then undoubtedly, you two would have a successful relationship in the future.
  14. Give him an intentional dare: If you two are playing truth and dare in a friend’s group, then chances are that you will also get a chance to give him a dare. If you are lucky enough, you can shoot a crush question at him and hint him about your feelings. If he gets the dare, then you’re lucky!
  15. Don’t live in the fantasy world: Nothing happens overnight so if you think of yourself as Cinderella, then come out of the fantasy just now. Because this is a real-world, and you need to consider the reality. Give him some time to think and consider, and assess his feelings, and whatever his decision will be, try to accept it.
  16. Tell him your feelings indirectly: We understand how hard it can be to confess your feelings, but when he is too ignorant of it you need to convey your feelings to him indirectly. The ways can be many – you can start by saying how much single you are, or give him gifts too often, or maybe make him feel a bit jealous.
  17. Don’t say “I love you”: If you don’t want to sound desperate, you can’t say “I love you”. If you end up saying those three magical (read curses) here, he will instantly think of you as a desperate girl. Maybe you really love him and are very serious about him – but all these will be overseen if you end up saying “I love you’.
  18. Give him some space and time: Everybody needs their own time and space to think and make decisions. If you are someone who sends texts every minute and calls every hour, then there’s no way he’s going to think good of you. Instead, give him some space and let him take his own sweet time. Don’t be childish, be practical.


Now that we have told you about how to ask a guy out without sounding desperate, it’s time to go ahead and apply these to get your guy! Don’t forget to let us know what happened next – we will be waiting.

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