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How to Answer What Are You Looking for on Tinder?



What do you want? Be it life, or the Tinder inbox, you are probably getting tired of answering the same question. But you know the fun of it? To think of the answers that you get to give!

If you are someone who is not technologically handicapped and are seriously into dating and stuff, then you might know about Tinder and are quite aware of it’s “how to use” guide. Can you name the one question that keeps popping up? It’s the “how to answer what are you looking for on Tinder?” Be it a bot, or just a random guy you swiped on, that hardly matters because the question remains the same. While the question

how to answer what are you looking for on Tinder might seem to be a straightforward one, the answer to it is definitely not!

We cannot even ask you how you feel about the question, how to answer what are you looking for on Tinder being asked because let’s face it, is it an examination, or an interview that you had to prepare for? No, right? Then, it is absolutely impossible, to sum up how one feels about the question, in a line or two lines. How one perceives the question, how one sees it, what one derives from it, varies, from one person to the other, from gender to gender, and from the community to community. As you have already guessed by now, that the platform is wide enough, and thus, it is not possible to get directly anywhere. So, what we can do is, take you through a few answers that you can put forth if you come across such questions on Tinder.

Before you get there, get some things straight. First of all, it is NOT a gender-biased question and might come from both men as well as women. Secondly, there is no exact answer, you gotta play it neutral if you want to stick to the platform. And last, but definitely not the least, do not get too desperate to kill the interest of the other individual in the beginning. So, let’s the go-ahead from both the perspective of a man and a woman.

If you’re a woman:

Well, it’s quite common for a woman to worry about how to answer what you are looking for on Tinder because she can do that with just her presence. While girls think once before asking the particular question to a man, guys don’t do so. Guys just go straight and hit the question as soon as they spot a woman on Tinder. However, these are a few replies that you can take refuge in when you face such a question.

  • If you are on Tinder just to check out how the app works and have no interest to find a date, then you can just ignore those messages right away or maybe just say a “hi, just seeing around a bit”.
  • Now, unlike men, you cannot keep your intentions transparent in the first go. So, you can probably say, ” looking for a friend”, or maybe, “someone to talk to!”.
  • Most of the men might be interested in a date or a hook up on Tinder. So, if that’s your cup of tea, then go ahead, and gulp it down!

If you’re a man:

It’s not that only women dump their head in the question of how to answer what you are looking for on Tinder – men do too! Not all the men who are on Tinder have come with a purpose. Most of them have no purpose at all, and yet they are there. While some might see it as a fun way to interact and communicate with people around. So, it will not be justified to assume that every man is on Tinder just to hook up. Now, let’s see what replies men can give to such a question without offending the person on the other side.

  • If you are not an extrovert, then the best you can do is ignore the message.
  • If you want to carry on the conversation without answering the question upfront, then you can reply casually saying, “just for fun” or maybe “trying out something new here!”
  • If you are looking for a serious conversation and want to meet up in the real, then it is important to clear your intentions out there. Just keep forth what you’re looking for, that is, whether a serious relationship or a hookup.
  • If you are just looking for friendship, then it is also important to keep your intentions transparent so that no misunderstanding springs up later in the time.

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