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How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?



If the special man of your life is a Capricorn and you are yet to decode his behavior, check how a Capricorn man tests a woman. Capricorns are ambitious, mature, and attractive. If you find a Capricorn interesting enough to date, the first check will a Capricorn will stalk you or drop you home soberly. Astrology knows how different sun signs behave. So you can take its help to know your Capricorn man better.

Is your Capricorn man playing mind games to you? Are you confused if your Capricorn man is interested in you or not? Would you like to know how does a Capricorn man test a woman to clear your doubts? The best part is there are a few reliable ways to decode the behavior traits of Capricorn man.

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Dating a Capricorn man is not easy, and if you are hoping to win over your special Capricorn, then patience is all you need. Capricorn men are boring, but they are serious about their relationships. The best way to check the reason behind your Capricorn man’s hot and cold behavior is to know how he looks at the relationship. Unfortunately, if you have fallen for a Capricorn man finding out what is going on in his mind is not easy. Here we have some tactics that will help you to know how a Capricorn man tests a woman.

How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?

  If you are dating a Capricorn man and want to know if he is serious about the relationship or not, then we have the 8 most common things a Capricorn man looks at before committing to the girl. Let’s check them out to know will a Capricorn man stalk you or will play mind games with you;

Capricorn Man Play Mind Games

Capricorn doesn’t want to be a back plan for you, so they play mind games to check how serious you are for the relationship. To make sure that you are in love with him, Capricorn man may show cold behavior more frequently to get your attention. Capricorn man takes time to fall into a relationship, so if he is not taking more effort, don’t panic. He must be checking how you will react to his cold behavior. On the other hand, if you are seriously involved with him, you will definitely try to make more efforts to communicate with him.

He will Test Your Patience

When a Capricorn man falls for a girl, they check her patience. The men from this sun sign don’t like live bombs that explode in all situations. Low patience makes Capricorn dislike you immediately. So, if you find your Capricorn man creating some changing situation for you, be happy because he is checking you and your patience level. Don’t complain that Capricorn man testing my patience; he is actually testing your capability with him.  

Will a Capricorn man stalk you?

Yes, you Capricorn may stalk you on your social media pages to check how good you are with different things, your hobbies, and what kind of activities you like. Capricorn men are very ambitious, and they want their girls to be independent, brave, and intelligent. So when you find a Capricorn man attractive, make some inspiring changes in your social media account. Then, if he finds that you are a self-dependent girl, the man will be yours.

He will share his secrets with you

 Capricorn man believes that relationships are forever. So they will test a woman first before being involved seriously in a relationship. To win the trust of a Capricorn man, you will have to be good in secret-keeping. When your Capricorn man shares his secrets with you, it shows that he wants to take the relationship to another level. Now, if you are a good secret keeper, the Capricorn man will stick with you forever.  

He will Show-off his Bitchy side

Capricorns are known for their honesty and loyalty. If you are honest and love to speak the truth, then Capricorn man will fall for you. Capricorns are very intelligent, and your man from this sun sigh will check how honest they are. For this, he may want to know your opinion on any incident, or he may pretend to know nothing to check your point of view.  

Are you Supportive?

If you want a Capricorn man in your life, you will have to show your supportive nature to your man. Both guy and girl support each other in a relationship, but Capricorn men check it in the initial days of a relationship. If Capricorn guy feels that you are not supportive, he won’t give another chance to the relationship. For Capricorns, understanding comes before love.

He will talk about Many Ordinary things

Capricorns lend their ears to their partner, and they expect the same from them. So, if you want a Capricorn in your life, make sure you listen to every single detail he shares with you. Don’t be panic. The Capricorn men don’t speak much. They share only important things but initially, to test you, your Capricorn man may talk about not so important things. If your man finds you listening to him carefully, he will understand that you are serious about him.

He will try to take control of your life.

Capricorn is the born leader, and they knowingly or unknowingly try to be the boss of your life. But it happens only if the guy is serious about you and your well-being. He may try to take more control of your life just to check your reaction. If you let him control you, he will find you meek, and the relationship won’t last long. If you shout at him not to be bossy, he will find you short-tempered, and the relationship’s fate will be nothing.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how a Capricorn man tests a woman. If your man is showing any two or more signs as mentioned above, then he is checking if you can be his girl forever or not. So take these signs seriously to have a loyal and loving man in your life forever.

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