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Best Tinder Bios For Guys To Get Laid



You have a good-looking face, sexy abs, 5-digit earnings, and a perfectly crafted Tinder profile but what gals bother to look at first, is your Tinder Bio. No matter how impressive your pictures and looks are, to get the right swipe, you have to start with writing an eye-catching Bio that makes you more noticeable to babes. Here is the list of some selective and best tinder bios for guys that help them to stand out from the rest.

Best Tinder Bios For Guys To Get Laid

“The first impression is the last impression” you must have heard this. This applies to your Tinder profile too. Your Bio is the first thing that hot chicks will notice about you. So, it should be well-written, structured, detailed yet short. The best tinder bios for guys to get laid should be catchy and interesting to read and shouldn’t sound like a resume. Research has established the fact that an attractive Bio can have a long-lasting effect on the reader’s mind.

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As you might have known that the number of characters allowed by Tinder is limited, you have to be very careful with the choice of words and information. Avoid writing irrelevant and unnecessary details, instead, add meaningful and relevant information about yourself and your profile. Funny bios also have a good record of collecting right swipes. Don’t be so personal. Before writing your Bio, you may go through the Bios of some popular Tinder Influencers in your notice. That could be of great help!

We have handpicked some sassy and cool read bios and pickup lines that you can copy and paste to get lucky on Tinder.

  1. Trust is like Salt, the most important ingredient of a relationship recipe, And I can spice it up with love and fun!
  2. If you want someone who gently holds your hand and sweetly kisses your forehead, I’m not the one.
  3. I’m looking for someone who can’t fall asleep until I call at 2 A.m to say Good Night.
  4. I’m not a PlayBoy, girls just find me cute.
  5. I’m a cook, I can make breakfast with you in the bed, I’m a fireman, my pump is always ready, I’m a plumber, I can fix your water break.
  6. I wanna be the dirty secret person of your life, that you don’t want to tell anyone about.
  7. I’ll kiss you, cuddle you, hug you tight and touch you with love where you have never touched.
  8. I’m not wild but I love wild animals and wildness in bed.
  9. My mommy told me to share because sharing is caring. Now I care for girls and share my bed with them.
  10. I want to travel the whole night with you.
  11. I’m as deep as the Ocean and hide many secrets. Waiting for someone to uncover me?
  12. I love liquor and I’m a good licker too. Dare to test my licking skills in bed.
  13. I’m an expert lap massager. Swipe right to try it on.
  14. Let’s make a match, watch Ullu tonight and the rest will happen naturally.
  15. Be my car’s backseat partner. We create some uncovered sizzling memories there.
  16. I’m a painter. Wanna paint your body with my tongue the whole night.
  17. I’m in the sale! Grab me in your bed before the offer lapse.
  18. If you want someone to take a ride at any time, I’m the one!
  19. My friends call me a chocolaty boy, I’m looking for someone who will turn me into a big chocolate bar.
  20. I’m a plumber, I can fix leaking pu**y with my big long tool.
  21. Let’s shower together and save water.
  22. Looking for a lady to give me company in laughing, screaming, and making up in bed.
  23. I’m tall, have creamy skin like caramel, juicy eyes like jelly, and long ones like dark chocolate. Wanna take a bite of me?
  24. I can be the guy whom you call when your partner is out of town.
  25. I’m that bad guy that your parents told you to stay away from.
  26. I’m 6’4″, booty wizard, Tinder scientist, and Beer expert.
  27. There are only two things that can tempt me to jump inside the backseat of your car, a bottle of wine and Pizza. Well, you will be there already.
  28. Do you love to eat Mexican food? Because I love to wrap you in my arms and want you to be my BAE – Ritto.
  29. Tall and mature, love positive people, hate nothing if you behave human, Italian good, action movies, live music, wild sex, open to do new things, that’s all I do in life. Let us start dating!
  30. I’m not special but I’m different. I’m not an expert but no one can challenge my love-making skills. Do you want to?

Short Funny Tinder Bios For Guys

When it comes to choosing an online dating venue, undoubtedly Tinder is the first and last. Uploading a couple of charming gym pictures and a summary of your life timeline is not the right approach to attract a woman, at least on Tinder. There are thousands of guys looking for a casual match, so you see the competition is tough. You need to sound confident, fun-loving, and a sociable guy from your bio. Women like funny and original bios, so it’s ok to express your heart out, even some flirty cheesy lines may work out magical. Do not pretend or create a certain image that doesn’t match your reality. Be you, be honest because women are damn good at catching lies. 

We have some selected exemplary short funny tinder bios for guys<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> that convince a girl to swipe right for you.

  1. If you think that the guy in the pic looks nice, which I’m, let’s go for a coffee date to plan our next date.
  2. I’m tall, in my early 30s, have a well-paying job, and want someone who can open up anything for me, be it heart or clothes. And I won’t mind wrapping you back.
  3. 50% gentleman, 50% scoundrel but 100% original. Let’s catch up and check if I’m a liar.
  4. I’m happy that I swiped right. – Future you.
  5. I’m a bathroom singer, looking for someone who can sing a duet with me under the shower
  6. Congratulations, you are reading the bio of the most eligible bachelor. Vacancy open, swipe right soon.
  7. I just want happiness, I think you are the one. Be my happiness.
  8. Don’t miss the chance to be with someone who can love you like crazy, else swipe left if you want to regret it later.
  9. Promise me, that you will hold me when I fall in love with you.
  10. Your legs must be aching. Because you have been running in my mind since I saw your profile for the first time.
  11. Stand in front of the mirror, and hold roses. I bet you will see 10 beautiful things.
  12. I just want lips who give company to mine.
  13. I am finding a way to your heart. Can you please tell me the right way to reach out?
  14. I think you will be my next mistake.
  15. If you are thinking of the right time to kick start a conversation with me, now is the time.
  16. I don’t commit mistakes, I date them.
  17. Can you please lend me a picture of you? I want to show Santa what I want this Christmas.
  18. Hey, I have seen you somewhere. You resemble my next date.
  19. I’m the one who can ruin your lipstick, not your mascara.
  20. I love my teddy bear, I can’t sleep without a teddy, will you be a teddy bear for me?
  21. Have you seen the 8th wonder of the world? We can make it happen.
  22. I am ready to be your future Ex.
  23. Your future boyfriend.
  24. I’m a daydreamer, I have thousands of fantasies to liven up with someone hot.
  25. Swipe right, if you want someone who makes you laugh, wipes your tears, and wet you in the bed.
  26. I’m boyfriend material, ready to be used.
  27. When I’m several bottles of wine down, looking for someone to take me home.
  28. I can promise, you won’t die a virgin.
  29. It’s a bio, not a bed. First, let me impress you, then will express to you.
  30. Single but not always available. You may be a special case.


If a woman is looking for a date on Tinder, she is not interested in someone who can marry her but wants a good companion. Tinder girls are badass and bold, they know what they exactly want. Girls on Tinder are most likely to make a swipe decision within 3 seconds of reading your Bio. So, the first thing guys should work on is making their bio sound interesting, appealing, and original. Fakeness is never a key to women’s hearts. We are pretty sure that the above-given example of best tinder bios for guys helps you in writing your perfect right swipe bio for Tinder.

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