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10+ Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted To You



Any long-term relationship or marriage will experience a rising and fading of physical attraction and desire. A dry spell in the bedroom is therefore not a big concern or something you need particularly worry about that these are signs my wife is not sexually attracted to me. Just like males, women also frequently favor particular physical characteristics. Of course, people may or may not primarily search for physical appeal when selecting a life partner. Therefore, just because a woman is in a relationship with you doesn’t indicate she is attracted to you physically as well. In addition to the physical element, there may be a number of other factors. Along with compatibility and other factors, there may occasionally also be physical attraction.

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Are you also finding that your girlfriend isn’t displaying the same level of passion she had when you two first started dating and she was so drawn to you? In terms of how much truth the aforementioned assertions hold, they are primarily based on the types of partnerships, particularly after a time spent in a long-term relationship. It might occasionally be challenging to read the signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you. Even when you are showing all the good qualities of an awesome boyfriend and still not getting the response you were hoping for, you blame her personality and believe that this is just the way she is. But that’s not always the case. The hard truth gentlemen are that these are the signs she is not sexually attracted to you and that pursuing her any longer would just make the matter worse.

10 Blatant Indications That Your Girlfriend Isn’t Attracted To You Sexually

We all wish to feel desired by our partners, so it makes sense. You could worry if your girlfriend is still attracted to you if she is giving you the cold shoulder. There is no clear-cut right or wrong in relationships; neither is love. She might be showing these symptoms, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has feelings for you sexually. It can be that she wants the sex to be more exciting or that you two have grown apart as a result of work, the office, company, etc. The only way to get past this is to have a discussion and give it some time. It’s acceptable for you to explain if you honestly believe she has abandoned you. All of the aforementioned indicators could point to a relationship’s declining desire, but they could also be symptoms of other problems. It’s critical to discover the truth about what’s happening.

She Says Something Strange About Your Body

We all are more conscious of someone’s physical faults when we are not attracted to them sexually. And if she starts criticizing your appearance or pointing out flaws in your physics, that’s one of the telltale signals that your girlfriend isn’t attracted to you sexually. Of course, nobody should ever do it but if your girlfriend is doing so, it is one of the major signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you.

When Things Start To Get Physical, She Withdraws

She resists your attempts to rouse her as you begin to touch her. She withdraws, refusing to make physical touch. She will touch you back, though it will be very deliberate and superficial. If you notice this, it’s likely one of the signs she is not sexually attracted to you and may even desire some space from you.

She Frequently Favors Masturbating Over Having Sex

There are moments when having sex might be preferable to masturbating. For your lover, however, this has turned into a recurrent pattern. Her preference for sex with you is masturbation. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but you still need to figure out what’s going on. Is it her lack of interest in you sexually or something else?

She Often Finds Reasons To Avoid Becoming Intimate

Perhaps she has a headache, is on her period, is feeling bloated, is busy, or that time of the month. There is certainly a reason why she keeps making up justifications whenever you try to move the conversation toward an intimate level. If she does it frequently and consistently, it’s one of the clearest indicators that your girlfriend isn’t interested in you sexually. Don’t be alarmed, though, if she does it once or twice; possibly she is indeed unwell.

The Flirty Conversation Is Gone Forever

When two people are attracted to one another sexually, they flirt practically unconsciously. Although indeed, this doesn’t always happen, there is a feeling of intimacy. This could be done through text messages, in jokes inserted into discussions, or physical contact when you’re out and about. One of the indications that your girlfriend no longer finds you attractive sexually is if none of these things are happening.

She Admits That She Feels Different From You

Perhaps she is already made a clue that she doesn’t find you attractive sexually, but you didn’t listen or show any interest. Look back on previous talks to see if she ever made an effort to express her feelings toward the sexually declining relationship.

She Changes Her Body Language When You Touch Her

Naturally, you want to give her hugs and kisses to show her that you care since she is your spouse/girlfriend. However, when you approach her for a hug or kiss, her body language doesn’t make you feel welcome. She tenses up, gives you a very brief hug or kiss, and prevents you from getting too near. This is alarming, she might be trying to say that you are sexually no more attractive to her.

She Often Takes A Stand

Is she trying to stay distant when you try to touch her or carry stuff into the bedroom? Does it seem like her mood is off or severely upset? That’s a pretty obvious indication that she is trying to avoid anything, and in this case, she is probably trying to avoid becoming close to you.

She Can Be Seen Watching Other People

Remember that even if you are in a relationship, it is common to find other individuals attractive. This is an expected aspect of being human. She is plainly not as into you as she previously was, though, if you frequently catch her eye checking over other people and she is fairly explicit about it.

The State Of Sex Has Altered, But Not For The Better

It is typical for couples to experience several stages in their sex life. Couples occasionally experience strong sexual attraction, followed by dry periods. And that is completely alright. The sex has altered in this instance, though. It almost seems as if you are the one who needs to do everything because she is not as involved as she once was.


It doesn’t necessarily follow that things can’t or won’t change or that the relationship is doomed just because your girlfriend is displaying some indications that she is no longer attracted to you. A loss of interest in sex can happen to anyone at any time, and frequently, it is brought on by factors that have nothing to do with the relationship, such as stress at work or weariness.

But in order to find a solution, it is critical to understand the signals that your spouse is not enjoying sex as much as they once did because it might start to affect your relationship. Finding a means to bring up the subject can be very helpful, even though it will ultimately be up to them to explain why they don’t feel sexually pleased. The relaxed atmosphere reduces the pressure, allowing you to converse without feeling uncomfortable. To feel connected again, use this time to discuss your connection, what your partner likes or dislikes in bed and anything else that might be hurting their mood.

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